Reach M+ Issue

Hey, I’ve just received my reach m+, and I want to try to set the correction point, and it’s not being accurate. When I go to the correction inputs I add the website rtk2go and the port, but how can I know my mounting point in my region, I live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Appreciate your help!

Hi @Rayan

Once your entered provider url and port, and if necessary username and password, reachview should display mountpoints list.
If not type directly the url:port in a web browser and you will have the list of mount points. For rtk2go just follow

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Hi Rayan,

I’ll just add that you can check the map for all available Mount Points of the rtk2go service here.

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Hey Polina,

I’ve opened it sent me to google maps, but how can I get my mounting pts in my country.


Hello Rayan,
Maybe it’s what you want

Hi Rayan,

Agree with Zinedine. You can see all of the available Mount Points of rtk2go in one list. To view them on a map, just press the View all option.

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