Reach M+ getting very hot and dropping Wi-Fi

One of my M+ gets extremely hot to the point where I can barely touch some areas of it. The text on it’s case has almost dissappeared around the hot area, and the label on the back has started to slide off.

It takes about one hour from connecting the power supply till it seems to crash or does a thermal shutdown. Sometimes when it happens only the orange and green lights are lit, and sometimes the blue one is also solidly lit, even if it was connected to a Wifi access point. I can’t see it’s Wi-Fi hotspot in either case.

If I let it cool down and cycle the power it boots up and works just fine, for about one hour untill it fails again.

The M+ is not enclosed in anything and I’m doing the test in an airconditioned office away from sunlight.

I have tried the latest and previous firmware, no difference.


Overheating may have damaged the circuitry and this explains why Reach keeps overheating even in an airconditioned office.

Have you supplied this Reach M+ with any other sources of power other than USB port?

I have seen pictures of other M+ where the plastic casing has melted. Is overheating a common problem with these?

No, we only use the USB port. We have 25 of these, they are all powered in the same way, only this one has failed so far.

Such an issue indeed may be triggered by powering Reach via inappropriate power source or by installing it in unventilated space without active cooling. In your particular case it’s complicated to determine what caused overheating.

At this point, I’d recommend checking with our support team via We’ll need serial number of this device and order details.


i mounted several Reach M units, and everyone had high temperature and experienced the very same issues described here (melted writings etc). One had burned by itself. I think there’s a hw design flaw in the thing, not a user issue.

Hi Steve,

Just to confirm, did I get correctly that you’ve powered your Reach M+ via USB only? Are the devices provided with proper ventilation?

Please email us on so that we can investigate it further.

hi Svetlana.

No, my mounted units AREN’T powered by USB, rather with a external, quite powerful BEC/DC-DC 5v converter, through the click-mate connector, as suggested in the documentation

Hi Steve,

I got you, thanks for the clarification. So, may I ask you to email us on with the Full system report from the unit? I’d like to check the logged CPU temperatures, and the Full system report may contain some sensitive information. You can download it in the ReachView Settings tab.

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