Reach m + gets very hot after 30 minutes

I have a heating problem with the Reach M +, I want to use it as a base in a closed box, the equipment hangs at a very high temperature and I can’t access wifi, is it necessary to use a fan?
This problem happens with all M + that I tested, I updated the firmware to version 2.24.2 but the problem continues in all. The power is 5v on the USB port. Would anyone have a solution?

Hi Fercon,

It’s important to provide the unit with ventilation so that it doesn’t overheat. A fully closed box might not provide enough air for ventilation.

Please share the Full System Report from your unit with me in PM or over This will help me to check the temperatures that your unit achieves. As the report contains sensitive information, it’s better not to post it publicly.

Ok, I will export the report and send it.

Wouldn’t it have a firmware that warms up the processor less? In previous versions it didn’t get very hot.


The firmware version shouldn’t affect the working temperature. Did you use the units in the same setup previously?

Yes, I used the same settings. I realized that p M + heats up a lot more when configured in NTRIP mode, I have used these modules as a rover in the PPK system to be shipped in drones, I tried to make the experience of using it as a base, but it heats up a lot in a closed box and locks wifi access .

In version 1.8, the M + didn’t heat up much, wouldn’t it be possible to downgrade the FW?

Hi Fercon,

As I’ve mentioned, the close box can be the main factor provoking the overheating of the unit.

It’d be still nice to check the current logs from the Full System Report to understand the overall operating temperatures. If possible, logs from firmware v2.18.2 would also be helpful for comparison.

Regarding the downgrade of the firmware, we don’t support it. The latest firmware versions contain the latest improvements and fixes that are essential for further work.

Even using M + outside a closed box, I feel that it heats up more than it should, but it does not actually lock the system.

Today I tested the Reach M + in a closed box, which would be used as a base, the equipment locked the system after 18 minutes on, losing the wi-fi connection and with a very high temperature.

Hi Fercon,

I’ve downloaded the reports, thank you! I’ve deleted the posts that contained them: those reports might include some sensitive info that’s better kept private.

I’ll check the internal temperature and will get back to you.

Just wanted to conclude that the Reach M+ unit here indeed experienced rapid heating. We’ll be in contact with Fercon in PM to hash out the next steps.

Ok, I am waiting for an answer with a solution to my problem, thank you!

Just wanting to step in and offer some ideas.

I too am worried about overheating. I noticed my units got very warm even when not enclosed. But we get a lot of rain and snow here so weather protection is required. Yet, I am worried that a full enclosure like yours will allow the units to get too hot. Therefore, I am working on an enclosure that is open on the bottom with perhaps some screening to keep spiders and wasps out.

See my full description in the “getting started” section.

Tentarei resolver o problema de aquecimento do modulo com um dissipador de alumínio, visto que esse o equipamento não é projetado para trabalhar em caixas fechadas sem refrigeração.

Hey everyone,

Let me conclude that it’s important to use Reach M+ devices in properly ventilated setups. Closed boxes may indeed provoke a rise in the internal temperature of the unit and become an obstacle for proper operation.

We usually don’t recommend disassembling the housing of the units. This may lead to the hardware components damage which is difficult for us to pinpoint afterward. That’s why it’s better to keep the units ventilated to avoid any sigh of overheating.