Reach M+ don't boot

We have a problem with our Emlid Reach M+
When it’s power up the orange LED is solid but the blue and green one don’t light up.
This issue appeared sudenly today but we have some important data on the emlid.
Can we save our data before reflashing? Or there is no way to save this?

Have a nice day!

Please make sure you supply enough power. Try different usb cable or power source

I agree, but this seems to be happening quite a bit lately after 2.22.3 or 2.23.x, I am not 100% sure exactly when. Did something in the power requirements change? I just sent a full system report via PM to @tatiana.andreeva from another thread.

Hey there,

Just wanted to clear out that the powering requirements for Reach M+ didn’t change with either the latest stable nor dev releases.


I’m not sure why it worked before, but I did find out that the card-size power bank I was using was only 1-amp… Would 2-amp be better?

Hi Michael,

1 A should be enough as Reach M+ requires 200 mA at normal consumption. All of the electrical specs can be found here.

I expected 500mA and it had been working for several months with the 5V/1A pack. I think I need to get off the dev and go back a version to try and verify because it seems that it quite working after 2.22 (dev).


500 mA is the maximum consumption. Between the dev and the stable version, there should be no difference in terms of powering the unit up. However, it’d be great to see the results of your tests.

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