Reach M+ doesn't make a hotspot


I’ve bought a reach M+ a few months ago and i already own the old reach RTK. With the reach RTK i have never a problem but the reach M+ has not worked. First I could install the reach M+ just like the reach RTK by making the hotspot but the reach driver wouldn’t install on three different computers each has another windows version. After that problem I could solve it with the zadig tool by installing the serial usb drivers on the computer. But now the reach won’t make a hotspot or even won’t make connection to the zadig tool even in the firmware update mode.
Is there a way to fix this problem?

Kind regards.
Bjorn Versteghe

Are you using the different images for each device type? One for M+ and a different one for your original Reach?

If you power up Reach M+ near a window or outside, does the LED status show the correct sequence of operation? See LED behaviour:

What is the final LED status?

Thanks for the fast reply!
The reason I’ve got stuck is because i needed to delete the old COM-port from reach to search the reach again for reflashing. I’ve used the right image for the unit and now when i can connect again via zadig I can connect again and the reach works smoothly just like the other one.

A similar or exact same thing happened to me before. I was using the COM port driver for one project and then needed to flash a different M+. The flash tool wouldn’t recognize the M+ and I had to remove (uninstall) the COM port driver, then reinstall the Zadig driver.