Reach M+ and RS+ --> how they comunicate?

Hi all, this is my first message.

I’ new to Emlid products.
I’ve bought the new Reach M+ and want to add RTK with base station, buying a RS+.
I looked into docs to understand how the two units comunicate while the reach M+ is mounted on a UAV (multicopter).
The “UAV” kit in the store is consisting of the two products, i don’t see any datalink or radio module.
I also looked into docs, the specific topic is not covered, as i can look .
Can you explain that?


It’s all right here: Checks the graphics.

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Do some searching here about what kind of radios are being used. There are a lot of conversations about all of this.

I think the idea with M+ and RS+ kit is to do PostProcessingKinematic (PPK). And by doing that you dont need any link between them, its all logged on the unit and then later lthose are put together to extract a fixed solution with triggered events.
But, RTK is possible (with live link between base and rover (UAV).


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