Reach M+ and DJI Phantom 4 Integration

Thanks for clearing that up. Where can I find documentation on the Teoxxx products?

Soon manuals and docs will available on


Hi, sorry for delay. We work hard and made a lot of flights and test…

Please see our English language manual for installation Teokit to DJI Phantom 4 adv | pro:

It is not hard to install. The installation process takes 2 hours. But an inexperienced user can spend about 5 hours on this.

Any question you can ask me here or in Telegram (@lidaru).


I’m very interested in the Teokit. Has anyone dropped the dollars yet…Better yet, tested it and ok with the workflow (super important imho - need a manual for that @VanavaraDigital )???

Hi, in Russia there are a lot of customers who use - this is drone, which made with Teokit.
They are very pleased with Teodrone (Teokit).

Manual for Teokit is here:

Hi. Sorry for my English))

A new version of the TEOBOX software has been released. Version Teobox 1.5.7.
Download here:

Theobox features:
Teobox controls the correspondence of the number of images and the number of coordinates before they are processed and compared.

Teobox allows you to filter photos taken with excessive overlap or multiple photos on turns when the copter stops.

During the flight, the copter constantly changes the angle of attack, depending on acceleration, wind strength and flight speed. To compensate for the antenna offset relative to the camera, Teobox takes into account the tilt angle of the copter and makes corrections to the coordinates.

When shooting large areas, duplicate names appear DJI_0001, etc.
To prevent duplicate names, Teobox creates end-to-end numbering for all added photo blocks.

Work with coordinates in meters. Work with the Left and Right coordinate systems.

Writing coordinates into EXIF ​​and CSV file:
Import exact coordinates of image centres from CSV or TXT file without the requirement for file structure obtained after adjustment of satellite measurements.
It is enough to select photos, select a CSV with the coordinates of the centres, specify the desired column order and the coordinates will be recorded in EXIF ​​photos and into the output csv file.
Now you just need to add photos to the processing software, and the coordinates will be read automatically.

Any question? Please ask us.


I’m interested in the teokit, but want some clarification around the flight planning process first.

How is flight planning done, and how do you calculate the side and forward overlap based on height for either 1.2 or 1.7 sec intervals.

I currently use map pilot, and would like to continue to do so if possible, but I’m aware it will send camera trigger events which aren’t wanted if the ashot internal intervalometer is used.

Hi, Thanks.

You may use any software you want. AShot will make Timemark, when your software will make photo.
But if you want use 1.2 or 1.7 interval, you should use software which does not make photos itself. For example - Litchi.

About planning: we fly 150-170 meters height and 100-120 meters side lines.
9 m\s speed and 1.7s interval.

If we want make less quantity of photos, we use Filter option in Teobox software.

You guys have an idea when the ashot board is going to be available for purchase again, last time I visit was out of stock.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Hi, already is stock:
But I think, Teokit is more better solution for upgrade your drone:


About 30 sq km of the river bed.

Height of flight is 170m, speed is 9 m/s.
Photo interval is 1.7 sec by AShot.
Reach m+ inside DJI Phantom 4 pro - 5 hz, GPS+GLONASS.
South S680 is the base - 5 hz.

Timemark quantity equal of the photos quantity.

See accuracy at the photo below:

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this is not accuracy. this is the arithmetic mean of the rms accuracy.

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Yes, if you can see to accuracy of GCPs, you will see 16 and 20 cm - it was rain day.
But 4 of 5 days are the good accuracy under 10 cm.

This project shows you that you can receive good accuracy with Phantom 4 pro for 5 days flight and 30 sq km area with 25000 photos.

If you will fly 1-5 sq km, the accuracy by GCPs we received 1-5 cm.

Sorry for my English.))


That is a really good results for the geometry and number of photos ! This is without any GCP, only check points ?

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There were 5 flight days and thats why there were 5 GCPs. 1 for each flight day.
Other GCPs were for control only.

All points are unchecked on your screen grab.

Processing was for 5 blocks. Each block was 1 flight day. 1 GCP for 1 flight day.
Next all Blocks were merged and points were not checked so as not to start the adjustment again.

That just means they are used for checkpoints, and not controlpoints.


I know that, I am a Metashape user.
That is why I thought they were only check points. But Konstantin answered about merging chucks that were processed before.


last week I connected Reach (not m+) module to Teokit.
It was very easy and work very well.

Please see photos.
If you have any questions, you may ask here or in telegram (

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