Reach M+ alternative antenna

I bought a Reach M+, but count not connect to the Wifi. I guess it was because I did not have the antenna. The antenna costs $60-$70, and it takes about 20 days since it is shipped from Hong Kong. Is there any alternative antenna?

Hi @SmallpixelCar,

Do you mean GNSS antenna?

It should be possible to connect Reach M+ to Wi-Fi even if antenna is not connected. Could you clarify on which step of the First Setup guide you stuck?

Hi: Thank you for replying. I was stucked at the following step:

The blue LED will blink rapidly while scanning for networks. Once Reach M+ connects to Wi-Fi, the LED will start blinking slowly.

For me, the blue LED blink rapidly for a long time, and they turned to solid blue.

Hi @SmallpixelCar,

The solid blue means Reach RS+ is back in the hotspot mode and now is broadcasting Wi-Fi. It means it couldn’t connect to a Wi-Fi network for some reason. Such a situation might occur if the Wi-Fi password is incorrect, for example.

Have you tried to connect your Reach device to only one Wi-Fi network? What’s the network you tried?

Have you tried to connect it to a mobile hotspot?

I am trying to connect to my home WIFI. Also, for home WIFI, what type of passwd should I select ? WAP2-PSK?

Never mind, I was able to connect my M+ to home Wifi