Reach keeps switching IP addresses on home wifi network

Some time around November of last year my units started switching IP addresses after being connected to the wifi.

Sequence of events
Turn on unit
Connect to last ip address it was given.
Do a few things in the app ie change settings or download logs.
Reach completes task then I get the error message that computer cannot connect to reach.
Check Fing
Reach is now on a different IP

Why is this happening?

Is it a completely different range or just the last subset of the IP? I have seen this in an office environment where allot of devices are jumping on and off the network and you don’t always get the same address from DHCP, but can’t imagine you would have anything like that at home. Can’t you go into your wifi router and dedicate an IP to the Reach’s MAC address. This is how I beat the office WiFi.

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Just as above

The workaround is to go into your router and make an mac locked ip reservation.

Yes that works. I was hoping for more of a software fix as it seems to be software related. As in it is communicating with the original IP then drops connection for a new one mid session. But as you say it is a workaround.


Hi Joel,

IP-address is defined by a router. We can hardly prevent such things on the Reach side. I guess the method Michael suggested should solve this.


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