Reach is Hidden in device manager

First of all I want to say that i am very happy with my reach unit. It gets a strong and fast rtk signal. But today i’ve got a new problem. Reach connects with mobile hotspot and in reachview shows after a minut that the unit gots an rtk output. The correction output says in reachview that it’s connected with my computer. When i want to use the data for software on my computer I see that the reach is hidden in the device manager so i can’t use the data for the software. I use Windows 10 on my tablet pc. It’s the first time that this problem occures. Before I did not have connection problems.

Hi Bjorn,

We’ll need more details here. Could you post screenshots?

Do you have access to ReachView app?

this are the screenshots

Do you have Intel drivers installed on Windows? You can get it here (direct link).

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the problem is solved by installating the driver from intel edison.