Reach got a yellow light?

i got a reach RTK,and when it is reboot ,the led status is yellow ,which is not mentioned in the guide docs,such as green or blue etc.the led blinks each 2-3sec.and i can not connected to the reach .anyone who can help me ?

It sounds like you have old firmware. What version or firmware or ReachView do you have?

There are some old docs that speak of yellow LED here:

maybe you are right,i need to check it with some satellite visibility 。
now i have two questions.One question is how to check the version of firware or it is the same as the version of Reachview App?The second is, as we know,ReachView updater will check for software updates,it just update the Reachview app or both the Reachview and fireware?

Just say which version of software you have. On the same page it may or may not tell you the firmware version.

it just blinks yellow,and I can not search its hotspot or connect to its wifi network.In other words ,i can not connect to the reach by any i don not know the version.

OK, then you should flash to the newest firmware and see if that fixes it.

ok,i will try ,thank you very much.
By the way,can you tell me about the ReachView updater, is it just update the Reachview app or both the Reachview app and fireware?

ReachView updater is capable of updating ReachView software and the receiver firmware. But to update Reach firmware (different from receiver firmware) you must follow the instructions in the documentation. I would recommend the ‘terminal guide’ section.

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