Reach Firmware 27 Update: Support for SIM Cards with Password Authentication and More

We’ve released a new Reach Firmware 27 update. It’s now available for all devices and brings some valuable features and improved stability.

Support for SIM Cards with Authentication

You can now set up the Mobile data connection using M2M SIM cards that require password authentication.

To configure the connection, enable data roaming on your phone or tablet and go to the Mobile data tab in the ReachView 3 app. Then enter your APN (Access Point Name), choose the authentication type and fill in your password and username.

APN authentication settings in the Mobile data tab

Improved Compatibility with OPUS, Upgrading via Mobile Data, and 1230 RTCM3 Messages

In the Reach Firmware 27 update, we’ve also implemented several other changes:

  • Improved compatibility with OPUS
    Now you can pick an option This log is for OPUS in the RINEX log settings. Also, the log file names format was changed so that they are supported by OPUS.

  • Unlocked upgrading Reach Firmware via mobile data for Reach RS2
    Select the Allow updates using mobile data toggle in the Mobile data tab. You can still download updates via Wi-Fi if the receiver is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Added 1230 RTCM3 messages for RS2 and M2
    In the Corrections Output tab, you can find 1230 RTCM3 messages, which improve RTK quality with GLONASS enabled.

Complete List of Fixes and Improvements

Check out the complete list of changes we’ve implemented in this release.


  • Supported M2M authentication for SIM cards
  • Added an option to upgrade Reach Firmware via mobile data for Reach RS2
  • Supported 1230 RTCM3 messages for Reach RS2 and Reach M2 in the Corrections Output tab
  • Removed 3 Hz RTK update rate for Reach RS2 and Reach M2
  • Added reference station ID to NMEA GGA message
  • Added a banner with ReachView 3 links into Reach Panel
  • Added validation for the marker_name field in the raw RINEX log configuration. The marker name must contain only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, ., - symbols
  • Few compatibility improvements with OPUS:
    • Added an option This log is for OPUS in the RINEX log settings
    • Changed log file names format.


  • Fixed undefined progress in the Updater panel after refreshing the page during firmware upgrading
  • Disabled setting up NMEA update rates if RTK update rate is not divisible on it
  • Improved reconnection to Wi-Fi network in case of losing connection
  • Fixed some issues with unlocking SIM cards by PIN-code on Reach RS2
  • Enhanced stability of GSM connection
  • Fixed some cases with sudden Mobile Data toggle turning off
  • Fixed some cases with Reach RS2 unable to enter the Firmware mode.

Hi Olga , 27 is dev or stable ?

Hi! This is a stable release.

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Hello everyone! We’ve just released the Reach Firmware 27.1!

This update contains a fix for the missing/extra time marks on Reach M2/M+ and some stability improvements.


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thanks we are emlid user from Timor-leste. and we will try it

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