Reach feature request. NMEA messages enabled/disabled


How can I enable/disable some NMEA messages and modify their output rates?

For example:
Enable GGA at 10Hz
Enable RMC at 1Hz
Disable GSV




At the moment there is no option to change that.

Ok. Thank you for the feedback.

Any progress on this? This is something I’d like to see too. Finer grained control on Reach NMEA output.

Also, can you add support for NMEA GST string? I’m using ESRI Collector and it uses GST to estimate horizontal and vertical error in real world units as opposed to HDOP/VDOP. If GST does not exist, it falls back to DOP-based estimates which are poor. These estimates serve as the threshold to allow/disallow point collection.

Feature reguest forwarded to


Just putting in my vote for this feature, could really use it.

Has this suggestion been furtherly discussed?
Is there any kwnown way to disable some NMEA sentences, even through a Python script?

Hey there,

In most cases external software/hardware use only NMEA messages it require and redundant messages are just ignored. Could you please describe the scenario when you necessarily need to specify particular messages in NMEA output?

I figured out that 5Hz GPS frequency is not enough for precise guidance of heavy AGV (6t weight in my case).

I tried to set the Reach M+ at 10Hz GPS frequency, but then the cycle-time of the main chip is overflowed. This is caused by a poor RS-232 driver, coupled with a too small receive-buffer. The chip decode everything it receives and then ignores most of the sentences, as you mentionned, but the process is slow.

Since I can’t further enhance the chip part, I am looking for a solution to limit the NMEA flow while keeping the 10Hz pace. I think that disabling unused NMEA sentences is an elegant way to do so but I actually lack the knowledge to do so.

to avoid unnecessary messages which load uselessly communication channel (Serial at low baud rate is rapidly overloaded)

I tried to disable NMEA sentences directly on the U-blox M8 chip, using U-Center (See Enable or disable NMEA datasets in u-blox GPS module - Handheld).

Unfortunately this doesn’t work (Saving problem?) and I am under the impression that the Reach M+ configures the u-blox chip at each boot. In the hope to deactivate this partially supposed boot behavior, I have found some python files dealing with NMEA IDs, but I can’t find other files using them…

Hi @Ne0tuX,

I’ve just answered you in this thread:

Hey Emlid. How are you coming on this feature request to pare down the NMEA wad of sentences?
Check it out. Even Bad-Elf offers this feature: Configuring a Simplified NMEA set for Bluetooth Connections : Bad Elf Support

Hi John,

The status of this feature request is the same as the last time we discussed this here:

It’s still on our roadmap and we understand its importance for some applications. There are just some things we need to accomplish before that.

Please feel free to create a new thread in case you have a particular question about Reach functionality.

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