Reach Coordinate systems

Does anyone know if Emlid has plans for assigning coordinates on future releases when creating a new Survey? This would be great here in the U.S.

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They only have the SURVEY feature implemented in ReachView which is better than nothing…but would think once they get the STAKE OUT feature going hopefully we would also have a choice of different coordinate systems or datums. i.e. NAD83 in the USA. (I personally do not expect this from Emlid and probably most should not) (they provided the technology and at an attainable cost whereas normally we wouldn’t be talking about this if not)(they should stick with this, specialize in what got them this great success, and not overwhelm themselves I would think).

But thing is, seems this available in other survey software such as MicroSurvey FieldGenius, Carlson SurvCE etc, Topcon Field Magnet, etc etc.

Seems have to convert WGS84 to NAD83 etc… but thing is…those (2) datums are so similar! Not EXACT but very dang close.

But then you have this coming:

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I see…It would be nice, I hope they consider this in the future. Converting points into needed coordinates is really annoying. All engineering firms in the US use State Plan coordinates mainly and its the norm. If Emlid wants to compete in the US, especially in the engineering field or if they come out with an L1/L2 receiver they will want to consider incorporating local coordinates. For now I will convert.

I wasn’t aware of a new Datum coming to the US, thanks for sharing!

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I use a Trimble Nomad 900G with FieldGenius with Reach RS units. I can select NAD83 (horizontal) and WGS94 (or Geoids, etc) (vertical) for doing work. There are other similar programs and “apps” you can use also.

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In the meantime Mapit and Mobile topographer app packs a bunch of the features you want in both survey and stakout.


Yeah, wouldn’t that rock? I’ve asked before, but wonder what keeps that from being a reality? I wouldn’t mind paying more for L1/L2 etc from Emlid. It would still “be a steal” compared to the big dogs big prices!

I don’t know why I didn’t think about an external data collector. I was just assuming it was only compatible with the Reach view app. Thanks for the great input…I can find an older Trimble Nomad for a low price.

Eventually Emlid will I’m sure of it. I agree for the price you can’t beat what you’re getting. At a rgreat price point, user friendly software/hardware and the crowd sourced community help desk is a great idea also!

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If the data collector price (even for an old one) doesnt get ya, the software for it will! Try to find a data collector with legit registered software already in it to save a lot of $$$.

Take TB_RTK advice first (you’d be very wise to among some other people here also!)… check out Mapit (with extensions) and mobiletopo first. U may find those work just fine and wallet friendly! ; )


What about iOS apps? Some don’t have android.

There does appear to be an iOS Mapit, but I don’t think it’s the same

Uh yeah… no iOS help here… Windows and Android fan here. ; )

Mapit probably your best bet for app anyways (if u get a android device as they are reasonably priced)…over all better design etc I feel (MapIt app).

I will and thanks for the heads up!

Hey there,

In the meantime, Reach supports only WGS84. We have plans on adding other coordinate systems but I don’t have any estimates on when it may happen.

In regards to iOS, it doesn’t allow to replace iOS coordinates with coordinates from third-party equipment such as Reach, so the only workaround is to use an Android system for it.


Hmm I didn’t know iOS wouldn’t allow this. I found a gnns app on iOS that has Bluetooth button, I assumed it would link via Bluetooth. I’ll test that this evening.

Until Reachview incorporates other coordinate systems, what tools are available to convert into and out of WGS84?

I regularly receive control point coordinates in California State Plane, us survey feet. How do I convert those values to WGS84 meters, to enter into reachview as a manual base coordinate. I have used USGS App vDatam, but it gives an accuracy uncertainty of 30cm. Not very reassuring.

Is there a tool that Emlid can recommend for these conversions?

Better yet, please incorporate other coordinate systems and units into ReachView!

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Corpscon. It’s a US Army Core of engineering application.

3rd party windows software and android / iOS apps.
MicroSurvey Fieldgenius, Carlson SurvCE/PC, Topcon MAGNET Field Layout, SurveyPro, QGIS, Mapit GIS, Mobile Topography, RTN Friend, RTKGPS+, SuperSurv.


Hello have as the connection is made with SUPERSUV

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