Reach - Cannot change positioning output

Hi all,

I want to change the positioning output in the browser, but when I flip the switch a loading sign appears for a second and that’s it.
Here is a picture:

This was our signal:

Reach version: newest
Also tested with version 2.9.1, didn’t work.

I tested inside and outside far away from buildings.
The reach also got flashed multiple times, but this had no effect whatsoever.

If you think you can help it would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Sjors,

Try different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Hello dmitri,

I forgot to mention that I already tried that with Chrome, Microsoft Edge and the old internet explorer.

I will try it with Firefox today and will edit this post when im done.

Edit: against all odds firefox did the magic and opened the positioning output!

Thanks for the reply!

Hi Sjors,

Please let us know if you see this behavior in Chrome again, we target only modern browsers, so in old Internet Explorer things might look weird, however Chrome and Firefox everything should work fine.

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