Reach availabity

Hey there,

Reach looks great for my purpose. Does anybody know when would the first batches be available ?
Same for instructions on how to buy, please.

Thanks in advance.

We will be updating our blog regarding production status. For now we are resolving some component sourcing issues. There will be an update as soon as they are available for sale.

Не захотел плодить темы.
Если я заказал 4 ноября, то когда в Москву дойдет комплект?


Official language of this forum is english. Your order was made to the December batch, which is now in production. It should arrive to Moscow in January.

Ваш заказ будет в Москве скорее всего около середины Января.

ok, thanks


It’s not clear for me if the intel edison board is part of the kit or not and if it is soldered to it or if the connector is accessible (ie to connect other boards like Sparkfun ones). I also would like to now if it will be possible to just order one kit instead of two (belgian autorities provide ntrip sources for free and I don’t have the need of a base station).


Intel Edison’s are provided with the Reach package… I don’t believe the connector is soldered, and with the Reach pcb, the connector is not really accessible. I think the base stations around you would have to be within 10km in order for the RTK to work properly since the Reach does not work with other carrier frequencies.