Reach App Freezes After Successful Network Setup For Updater

I added my office wireless network successfully to ReachView for basic setup and to get to Updater. When I connected to it I get a red box that says “Reach is connecting to another network. Switch to Office Wi-Fi to continue.” However the app seems locked up. Any idea what this means or what to do? I checked my wifi and it is connected to Office Wi-Fi, Network light (blue) is steady as is Status light (green).

Have tried other active networks with same exact problem; red box appears and app is frozen. I saw other discussion thread in 2017 on this but solution wasn’t addressed

Hi @art.dawley,

As far as I understand, you work with Reach RS+, M+, or M2.

Once you connect Reach to a Wi-Fi network, you should connect your phone to the same network and reload the app. After that, you’ll be able to see Reach in the ReachView devices list.

However, if the blue LED is steady, it means Reach is still in hotspot mode. Make sure you use the right Wi-Fi credentials.

Thanks for suggestion! Was able to rectify.

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