Reach and ROS

I am working on integrating the Reach Module on a rover with a Raspberry Pi running ROS. I would like to take advantage of the ROS navigation stack and possibly the MoveIT movement planning framework.

Has anyone else started this type of work - i see that there is not that much mentioned on the ROS site regarding RTK in general or Reach.

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Also looking at similar as I dive into ROS. I’ve got my reach plugged into a Navio2 w/ ROS and can see it as GPS2 and confirm that it’s being corrected from my Base. So I can access it through MAVROS, are you not going to use that and instead use

Hmmmm actually as my Rover is a slow moving ground unit which I am implementing a CCPP algorithm for I believe I do not have that much use for the navio nor MAVROS.

What i am after is something quite similar to the Swift Navigation’s Piksi RTK GPS receiver ROS Package: - but for the Reach naturally.


I am interested in the same solution, although i am not using Pi.
It will be great to know if you made some progess

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