Raw data from u-blox M8T

Collecting raw data from Emlid Reach-U-blox M8T through u-center.

Hi! I am interested in collecting GPS and IMU data for integration and not necessarily use the RTK. So, is it possible to connect EMlid Reach to u-center and collect data directly by just walking around in open sky? If so, can someone please explain how to do it? When I connect REACH to my computer and open u-center, it doesn’t even recognize the COM port!!!

I also have a pixhawk, so I can connect the emlid reach to it. Does that sound like a better option to collect GPS/IMU data?
please help.

You can log raw data on the unit, just use the ReachView app.

Through Wifi? You mean I connect the reach to my laptop and run the reachview app?

It is all explained in the docs :slight_smile:

Reach is not a u-blox breakout board, there is no access to the chip through USB.

Ok, thanks I’ll read through it and try.

Ok, Now I am trying to collect RAW GPS data through pixhawk ardupilot. I enables GPS_RAW label in config parameters. But Ardupilot is unable to log any raw GPS measurements. If there is any other forum I can look at please suggest.

Use TCP Port 2000 to connect to RAW UBX Stream.

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Over missionplanner?

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