Raspbian update and ArduCopter beta

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Hi there!

We wanted to share with you some good news about the updates we’d been working on for a while.

Raspbian updates boil down to

  • Support for Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 and a udev rule for rootless access to one
  • Ardupilot packages are on our servers from now on
Ardupilot upgrade is way easier now. There’s no need to install deb packages by hand. Upgrades will also be easier to handle.
sudo apt-get install apm-navio2

The latter command will work out of the box. Take a look at this docs entry to get a hang of it!

Ardupilot beta:

ArduCopter 3.4-rc1 is out! Even though Navio 2 had been supported in upstream for a long time, this is a major milestone on the way for full Navio 2 support in a stable ArduCopter release. ArduPlane 3.5.0 and ArduRover 3.0 stable releases already support Navio 2.

RC1 includes a number of Navio 2 specific changes:

  • Different frequency on AUX PWM channels
  • 3 compasses are supported (including LSM9DS1 that is on the Navio 2 boards)
  • 16 RC Input channels are supported
  • Various safety enhancements
  • ADC channels work as expected
General ArduCopter 3.4 enhancements do apply of course. You can read through the changelog here.


We’re encouraging you to test ArduCopter 3.4-rc1 on your Navio and post your feedback here.

In order to upgrade, follow this docs entry.

Happy flying!



Thx guys great news

What version of ArduCopter do you install with the above command? And does it also install ArduPlane and ArduRover?

It installs ArduCopter 3.4-rc1 and latest stable releases for ArduPlane and ArduRover.

I accomplished a brand new install of this firmware tonight. Clean sd card and everything. Since the update, my compass cals are off and won’t get consistent and the mag field is wayyy up. This is on my same aircraft I was running the 3.4 unstable on. My magfield before wouldnt go beyond 200-210 now its running 420-430. Aircraft hasnt changed at all. Also, from what I’ve gathered, you dont need to roll 180 and use the compass externally correct?


Went back to 3.4 unstable and errors are gone. Any suggestions or thoughts guys?

Having similar issues as @ADSB2016, I’m getting pre arm inconsistent compass errors. I had been having this issue before in beta, so I had gone back to stable to resolve the issue. Now this issue is part of the general release?

For now I’ve disabled the secondary compass, and the pre arm inconsistent compass errors have gone away, but I would like to get this issue resolved so as to be able to use the board as it was intended. I mean, really, this board has been in general public release for six months now and we still don’t have a complete software solution yet?

Don’t get me wrong, up until today I was hella digging my Navio 2 flying my hexa, but now I’m not feeling quite as confident. I guess I’m just feeling a bit bummed that for the price that we payed for the Navio 2 & accessories, it seems that there should have been a complete software solution in place.

Hope that this all gets sorted soon, I want to get back to confident flying!

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