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Hello, I have your Rs2 system in Base and Rover configuration. During the survey using the Lora radio, in a vegetated environment, the rovver base connection does not go beyond 800 meters. I would like to know how I can increase the Lora radio connection up to 4 km. thanks and greetings


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LoRa radio is quite sensitive to obstacles like dense forests or terrain differences. It requires a direct line of sight for better performance. So no wonder that the LoRa range decreases in such environmental conditions.

However, you can reduce the air data rate to increase the LoRa range. This can be done by switching off particular RTCM3 messages in the RTCM3 settings as shown below:

But this approach is good for open fields because without Galileo and Beidou observations it’d be harder to get FIX in the conditions you work in.


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In my experience, you will not be able to extend your range with LoRa in a densely vegetated environment.
Perhaps if you are able to greatly raise the elevation of your base LoRa antenna (via extension cable & raised antenna)
If you want to get 4km range in thick obstruction environment you should consider projecting your RTK corrections via:

  • 3rd party - longer range (UHF) radio
  • NTRIP connection

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