R2 single but not fixed position

I am using r2 base and rover and can’t get a fixed position. Tried trouble shooting from other posts to no avail.

You need to get much better signal-to-noise ratio on your base. Most of the status bars should be green, not orange.

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In this case I was near my house testing but had some issue in open field site. It seems the coverage has just been bad lately. Nothing else to check? Thanks

Hi Sharon,

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I can suggest following the steps:

It should help you to obtain a Fix solution. In case the solution stays Single, please let me know.

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I will try again. Pretty sure everything is configured correctly (I have used the setup successfully in the same location I was having issues many times). I think it might have been bad satellite coverage?

I have never seen bad coverage distribute to all sats like that, unless it was under some sort of general coverage, like under roof or such.
Can you send a few pictures from the point, so we can see the environment?
Even in complete cloud cover you would have quite a few green bars.

I didn’t get screenshots of the actual data I cared about (this was in my backyard). In the field, we had a few green but not enough to get a fixed position apparently. Here is the raw file for the base.

Here is a pic of the general location where the base was setup. Pretty open.

Hi Sharon,

I’ve checked the satellite reception in your base log, and it seems to be good enough to get a Fix. Is there any chance you can provide a raw rover log for further investigation?

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