Quick confirmation of settings for a new user :)

Hi all,

I just received my Reach yesterday and am excited to get out into the field to collect some data! However, before I do, I was hoping that I could confirm with a more experienced user that the settings for my rover and base are correct.

My setup includes a Pixhawk hexacopter using a Seagull UAV #MAP2 to trigger a Sony A6000 camera. The Reach will be connected to the hotshoe of the camera for precise shutter logging. As we intend to only conduct PPK processing, the Reach is just along for the ride and will not be integrated with the Pixhawk. My field location will be within 10 km of a Canadian Active Control System (CACS) reference station, which will provide precise observation, ephemeris, and clock data.

From what I’ve read so far, it seems that my best bet will to have both of my Reach units set as rovers in single positioning mode, and collecting only raw UBX data. I would assume then that Correction Input, Position Output, and Base Mode should be turned off. The one additional question I had was regarding the Max acceleration values on the RTK Settings page. Should they be increased on the Reach unit that’s mounted on the UAV? I’d appreciate if someone could take a quick glance at my ReachView screenshots below and tell me if I’m on the right track!


Hi, Welcome.

I’m not an expert or even a new user of UAV Cameras.

I did not see your Camera setup (As if I could help you…) Emlid DOCS gives good description and plenty of posts on FORUM re UAVs.

Regarding accelerations, I would expect this to be dependent on your UAV / Camera specs. Also, much in DOCs & FORUM. Accelerometer settings depend on whether it is determined by the Ublox receiver or the RTKLIB software. My feeling is that for best accuracy, you will want to set your accelerations toward the high end. the RTKLIB software uses accelometer data to throw out datapoints that don’t make sense with your UAV. As UAVs will have good skyviews, you should have good signals.

Good luck & lots of help by Enlid users here.

I, too, am not familiar with the acceleration fields and when they are used, and I would assume they don’t affect your raw log. But all other settings are correct. You could also enable the Galileo constellation if you want.