Questions about the product

Good evening!
I would like to know what components should I buy to use rtk (base + rover), are these items for sale here on the site?
Any precision tests for these devices?
Can I use it to demarcate areas?

another doubt, I saw that also serves for drone, which component should I buy to get use in my drone?

Maybe you should digin more on the forum,
I believe it will answer all your questions

Yes, search, read the forum. LOTS of useful info!

I’d get (2) Reach RS+ units. 1 for Base, 1 for Rover. They can use LoRa (LongRange radio). The M+ for the drone does not currently have LoRa, but read up for that application. If you don’t get that extra Reach RS+ receiver, you’ll wish you had later just for sheer convenience etc for Rover as non drone work. I.e Reach RS+ mounted to a rover rod/pole prism pole with bipod etc.

Be aware, order now, as it takes a good while to receive them.

If for business, I wouldn’t skimp on cost, these receivers are awesome and compared to Trimble etc, the cost is a drop in the bucket.

They perform VERY WELL for being just L1. Yes, cm level!

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Thank you very much for the answer, I do not speak your language very much, so I can not do a lot of research in the forum (it is not meek, since I’ve looked a lot), the more targeted questions are easier for me to translate.
In all cases, since I could not contact the manufacturer via email, I chose to use the forum expecting the manufacturer and not wanting to get in the way.

Thanks again, I’ll continue researching, but I’m liking what I’m seeing


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