Questions about experience using Reach

Permisi Pak Rahadian Fauzi,
Nama saya bimbo, bolehkah saya menghubungi Bapak untuk bertanya tanya lebih lanjut mengenai pengalaman Bapak menggunakan reach?

Salam Hormat

Excuse Pak Rahadian Fauzi,
My name is bimbo, may I contact you to ask more questions about your experience using reach?


No Reach experience in Indonesia, here, but would sure like to see the track from Pekanbaru to Duri…

Sorry, for the language, we’re indonesian so i am very excited when i see one in this forum,
I want to elaborated more wih him about purchasing method to landed this product in indonesia, i want to know more detail about the tax/custom or other administration fee

Sorry to intrude, but could not resist. I spent many months in Duri.

There u go :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, kicked most shipments upstairs to my customers, so can’t help you much. Good Luck

Halo pak bimbo.
Silahkan kontak nomer whatssapp saya di +6285735035947

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