Question in new update. Positon output settings

hello, theres a new settings in position output via bluetooth under the nmea. what is this GR and GN? what should i set? I use 5hrts in rtk settings. Im using Fieldgenius windows.

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Hi @willstar_beleno,

The GP and GN are the talker ID of the NMEA messages. Basically, they show what information is transferred in the message: it’s either information on GPS satellites only (GP prefix) or on all GNSS systems (GN prefix).

Some older software allows you to set the GP talker only. So specifying the talker ID helps you to connect Reach rovers to various GIS apps, software for GPR, and agriculture machinery guidance. This means that you can freely use Reach with software and hardware requiring a specific NMEA output.

You can set the talker depending on your setup. As I see it, you don’t need to change it as FieldGenuis is supposed to be working okay with it. You can just leave the GN prefix.


It is must to select all NEMA messages and it’s rate also 1hz by default .

Hi Kalai,

If your software requires all NMEA messages, you can output them all: GGA, GSA, GST, GSV, RMS, VTG, ZDA.

However, some software is not capable to handle them all. That’s why the app allows you to choose only the messages that are necessary for your specific workflow:

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