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I’m new to the Reach RS and surveying. I did some test work yesterday and I’m not clear on how the data is stored. I’ve attached a photo of my “Survey” tab with points and the “Logging” tab with the logs from yesterday.

My question is: I collected ~15 points using 6-10 minute observations using the survey tab but I don’t see 15 UBX files in the log. Are multiple points (with individual starts/stops) keep in a single .UBX file? Did I use the wrong settings? Base station was setup but not connected. Planned to post-process. Used STATIC as Position Mode.


ReachView 2.7.0
Not sure of firmware but was updated on July 26th, 2017

Survey mode and logging are two seperat functions. So you would not see one or the other in the section you show.
Points are mostly use as they are.
The logging files for post processing etc

Thanks for the reply. I guess I assumed that there would be some kind of mark in the log for the start/stop. I’ve not had any luck downloading the .shp file but I was hoping that it would contain the start/stop timestamps so I can parse the rinex file.

No major loss, this was mostly a test mission, but it would be nice if the software would warn you that if you don’t have a real-time correction, your not going to get centimeter accuracy without parsing the log file. Long story short, it sounds like I need to start and stop the Reach RS for each control point observation if I want to post process.

Thanks for the help!

Could you please tell more about this issue?

We will integrate Rinex logging with point collection, this is on or to do list. We know that it is not really convenient now, sorry :disappointed:

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@igor.vereninov The very good thing about your product is your support and how fast you react to users feedback. You are creating an enthusiastic community here and we can see it in action in other social places. Hat off once more !


I was able to download the .shp file using the Safari browser on iOS. The Chrome browser just gave me a download error. Glad to hear about the upcoming rinex logging w/ point collection. That will be great! Thanks for the hard work. The interface is excellent and I look forward to feature updates!

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