Question about Base Mode on ReachView 2

Hello, my apologies if this is a silly question. If I have a unit that’s meant to be a base station, does it need to remain in the Base Mode screen of ReachView 2 the whole time? I understand the Base Mode screen is where I set my NTRIP info and the coordinate info of the base station point itself. I am wondering if after I set these information, if I can click on the Status menu or other screens.

I didn’t notice if there was a switch to change between Base/Rover like in the old ReachView interface, so I figured the device won’t know if it’s a base unless it’s in the Base Mode menu.

Thanks in advance!

In ReachView 2 the device can be simultaneously a rover and a base. So feel free to leave the tab, settings do not depend on that.

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Thank you for all your help!