Quadcopter doesn't take off

We team completely did the igor’s 450mm quad build with all specs…we connected to apm in gcs and even armed the copter…when we apply throttle 100% the copter doesn’t seem to take off it is just in same position with props rotating at high speed…we checked with motors spin direction and made sure motors spinning cw and added with cw props and motors spinning ccw , added with ccw props…still the problm persist…please help

This is picture of our quadcopter…please add ur suggestions we need to complete its flight ASAP

Hi, I would double check the motor/prop directions one more time. How many cells are you batteries? I would also double check the theoretical rpm (Kv value of motor X voltage) with an rpm reader to make sure you have enough trust to get off the ground. Also, those tennis balls may be reducing your trust.

The motors which im using is turnigy 935kv…and battery is 2200mah 11.1v 3s @fjliving

Please post a picture where your copter is visible in detail. If you say the props are spinning at high speed, but the copter does not move, I would say the motors/props are turning in the wrong direction, pushing the copter down. From your picture, it looks like the props are mounted in the wrong places.

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If the copter on the picture faces away from the observer, the rotors have the wrong direction.

If I can see it correctly they are wrong no matter where the front of the copter is.
Edit: Left and right in the picture would work as front, actually.

Guys if it won’t take off it would affect our final score of the semester…this is wat exactly happening…wen give throttle without all props all motors will spin at a time…but wen we add props two motors won’t spin until and unless we give a manual push…and with full throttle the drone would topple at one side…we checked and re did the esc calibration…we are using emax 4 in 1 esc and battery 2200mah…11.1v 3s…motors are 935kv turnigy motors…we checked the motors spin direction is also done…as given in arducopter website…please please help us asap…we need to fix it fast

Well, then you better make some pictures.

Help us to help you…
You still did not post a detail picture of your copter.
If you only checked motor direction and the props are still mounted like in the picture, the copter will not fly.


did you resolve this issue, iam facing the same issue with my drone

Hi @saitharun.stk,

May I ask you to create a new thread with the detailed issue description following this template?

  1. Image and ArduPilot version.
  2. Detailed problem description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
  3. Your step by step actions.
  4. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  5. If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

Sounds to me as if it is a voltage drop issue.
Could it be that a very thin gauge cable has been used ? …Perhaps between ESC and motors? Or even Battery and ESC? Also possible to be linked to a bad soldering joint.
Could also be that the battery used can’t supply the required current. Would estimate (without having more details ) that at least a 40C type battery would be needed. 10 C just won’t cut it.
…but as previously mentioned: A few more detailed photos would help us in order to help you.

Save your time. The OP did not reply for 4 years. This thread was just revived by someone who has “the same issue”.

The props are all pitched the wrong direction for the motors they are installed on.