Problems with RTKLIB RTKCONV

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Firstly, I am absolutely new to the topic and a lot of stuff over here I am not familiar with.
So, I have some Ordnanace Survey RINEX data which is provided in format 17O. Link below:

Using RTKCONV (I used the most updated version and other other version of RTKLIB), this format perfectly was converted to .obs format, however it is not converting to .nav format which is required.

Required file just do not appear in folder after conversion or it appears empty. Moreover, the same situation with other formats.

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There is no need to convert RINEX files, you can use them in RTKPOST directly.

I believe .17o would be observed data file. And, .17n would be Navigation file.

Most of the stations here (US) may or may not provide NAV data. I think they assume you will use Rover nav files, or can get them online. Check of OSS website says they no longer provide nav files & give instructions to get them online…Hope this helps.

I think you can use the global navigation file here for US?

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Hi there,

Since this topic is about PPK, I’d like to tell you that we now have Emlid Studio – our own software for post-processing. It works with RINEX and UBX and support a lot of different workflows: Static, Kinematic, Drone data processing with a native geotagging support, and even Stop & Go with ReachView 3.