Problems with Reach Rs since the last update?

I want to make a fault report on the reach rs antennas. Since the last update (2.11) and reachview 1.3 have been failing. I did not have any of those faults with the last updates (Stable).

  1. In reachview constantly shows the message of lost signal with my antenna, although reachview at all times is active (I do not let the screen of my cellphone come to rest) and my antenna is two meters away on the stick.

  2. When I’m doing rtk I see that I have “fix” at all times in my route but to see the map in reachview shows that there was loss of signal between base and rover, there are straight lines of gray in my path.

  3. The hotspot of my antenna also fails, there are times when turning on my antenna (rover) I can not find it with my cell phone’s.
    Yesterday, for example, when I was doing rtk (LoRa) the hotspot of the rover stopped working and at another time it worked normally. I can not confirm if my base antenna has the same problems since I leave it alone at a known point.

Anyone else have similar problems?

I’ve also had problems, it takes too long to fix when the rech fix, I move it a little and it goes to floating.(LoRa). in clearn sky, very good condition.

I see a similar problem .

Was under a gps repeater when I got an error saying lost signal with antenna.

I also now have issues connecting to my NTRIP server. I can confirm my settings are correct (hasn’t changed in months). I also called up the NTRIP service nd they told me there is no attempt to connect to the service.

EDIT: I was able to resolve my ntrip issues by turning the “Base correction” slider off then back on.

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