Problems with precise location


We are located in Finland so it’s quite north. We have problems to find right settings.

We tried with local NTRIP signal and without it.

Many different settings and locations have been tried. We have not been able to find “completely” clear field but last time we run tests on a golf-field.

We haven’t got a single fix with base either rover.

Google Drive link to photos

Link has some screenshots showing our settings.

Thanks in advance!


It is compulsory for the base you are using to broadcast its position. From what I can see, yours does this in some weird way. The baseline you can see on the status tab is zero. Can you try a small experiment with an RTCM3 caster?


I’ve poked around the caster you have on your screenshots. Try switching to port 2101. That’s where the RTCM3 stuff is.

Thanks! I’ll try those settings tomorrow. I will get back whit results.

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