Problem with site menu in Chrome

(Rui Germano) #1

since recently, when I go to a few of the pages on this website, I can’t see the menu. It disappears after showing for a very short period of time. The main page is one of those. This only happens on Chrome. It doesn’t happen on this page ‘forum’.


(Igor Vereninov) #2

@ruigermano Thanks for reporting this, we will have a look.

(Rui Germano) #3

I’ve just realized that is dependent on the window width. I noticed it on my laptop, when switching to a docked situation. One example is, on the Reach page, when the width goes below 1390 pixels the menu vanishes. Likely because it no longer has room to display/move left, due to presence of emlid symbol. On that page the menu does not reshape, as it does on the ‘forum’ page.

(Igor Vereninov) #4

This looks like expected behaviour, after there is not enough width to fit menu it disappears and hamburger menu should be used.

(Rui Germano) #5

What is the hamburger menu ? Is it the one with the 4 parallel lines as a symbol ?