Problem with Base known point

Guys I need help! For the first time I’m trying to establish known point. Surveyor marked a point (X,Y,Z) and I set coordinates manually to Base. Unfortunately I can’t get fix on rover. Any idea?

We need more info to help you.
What gear and service are you using?
Have you recorded any data logs from Reach units?
What settings did you use?

I’m using Reach RS (two units). Here are my settings on Base and Rover. Unfortunately I don’t have logs, because I thought it will be easy to make test with known point.

You lora output power is quite low. How was your correction delay ? Did you get any corrections ?

How far off are the coordinates from an average observation? That is when I have seen a problem.


Please use settings from this video:

Thanks! Did settings according to video posted by Dmitriy but still Rover Solution status is FLOAT. Logs

Hi @Miles,

Sorry for the late response.

Can I ask you to upload your logs once again as they’re not available anymore?

Any luck on this? I have all but eliminated it by adjusting the constellations I am tracking, but very rarely I still have an issue with the deviation between the Reach and my Topcon observations.

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