Problem post processing data

My context is that I have connected a camera via the hot shoe connected to an M+ with NTRIP corrections.

I just want to extract the photo positions … however…The software assumes you have a base… which I don’t have (as I am not trying to post process) I just want the locations.

This can’t be that complicated - but it seams to be…

Just process as Single, not Kinematic.
And then of course be aware that your precision is around the 3-5 meter mark when you are not using a base.

Getting further with this… I have two files

.pos which seems to be where I walked (i.e. all locations)
events.pos which seems to be empty… 1kb

Confirmed by loading into plot…

So… is my assumption that I have no events correct?

If so… where do I start with the camera? Hotshoe is connected to C1 but how can I easily confirm all is good?

Andrew, you can go to Camera Control tab and check if Reach detects timemarks at all by manually triggering your camera.

So… I have no idea what to see when the reach is triggered - I haven’t found anything other than plug it in and it works…

Can you enlighten me?

You should see the time of last time mark captured instead of “-” in Camera events window

Ok… I see…

So… checked and it works…

Don’t understand why this data set does not work…

Will do another to test…

Andrew, make sure you have at least Single solution when you are recording time marks. If you are testing the device indoors, you won’t see events recorded in logs.

Sure… will do

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