Problem achieving FIX solution with RS2+ over NTRIP service


I cannot obtain fixed point with Emlid studio.

I’ve used a reach RS2+ as Rover receiving RTK correction from a Base station located 6,9 km away.

The Base station is a public receiver sending RTK correction with NTRIP protocole.

I’ve managed to have five measurements with fix solution but 3 others have a float solution.

So I’m trying to post processing my data with Emlid Studio using the Raw from the Rover and from the Base.

Unfortunately, I only manage to have one point fix whereas I had five point with fix solution during the survey.

Here is a link with all the datas and the screen video of my process :

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Fabian,

We checked the files you shared and post-processed your data, and we got 7 of 8 Fix points with a percentage of 72,5% Fix on the results using the Stop and Go on Emlid Studio.

You can reproduce it by checking the settings we used on the Tab.

We inspected the logs for the data you shared and noticed a few gaps in the results. They were most likely caused by environmental conditions or interference. The Skyplot also shows that several satellites were close to the horizon.

The receiver should have a clear sky view to achieve good data-quality satellite signals. It’s also better to keep the antenna away from other electronic devices to avoid signal interference.

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