Precision of EMLID REACH RS+

I have tried to take a position of one point with a TRIMBLE R8S and the same point with EMLID REACH RS+. The point, the tripod and the height from the ground were the same in both cases. I have taken more measurements of the same point for a check and to be sure about the data.
o The data acquired with EMLID REACH RS+ are different respect the ones taken with TRIMBLE, in the horizontal level we have a difference of 26 cm, instead in vertical level we have a difference of 36 cm.
o Both systems (EMLID REACH RS+ and TRIMBLE) signed a precision of the point under 1 cm.
o Both systems (EMLID REACH RS+ and TRIMBLE) were set only with GPS+GLONASS.
o Both systems (EMLID REACH RS+ and TRIMBLE) used a system for correction of the point called MARUSSI (it is a system of permanent station working 24hours/7days and they are located all around our regional territory). See this link:

Is somebody have had the same problem or something similar?

That error sounds a bit excessive. Are you absolutely sure that both units are operating in the same geographic system (WGS84 for the Reach units)?

Do you get the same rough offset from all the 10 stations in the network ?

RTK or PPK ?

I made a test recently, but that was for the relative precision, but the absolute precision is, given good relative precision, dictated by baseline and base station: Evaluating relative repeatable precision of the Reach RS+ - #18 by wizprod

Is the Trimble using a localization? There’s also a reason why we startup a base, collect the initial coordinates and then stick with them. I have had the same results between Topcon and the Emlid. You could come back a week later and get a slightly different coordinate. Being different systems may add to that error. You can try it with the Trimble also. Setup, grab the coordinate and then reset the receiver. Setup and grab the coordinate again and see the difference. I bet post-processing would make them align a little better. I have never personally had to use post-processing with the survey-grade gear, but there seems to be allot of people doing it here.

Hi @facchin,

As it was mentioned above, it’s more likely the issue appears because of the difference in the coordinate system.
Note that Reach works with WGS84 only.

May I ask you to share logs from the correction station and Reach rover?

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