Precision Autopilot for Snow Grooming Equipment

Been working on this for a year now getting real close to a fully working solution and not a conglomeration of various modules, boards, wires and mass of code that live on a test rover or in my work space :slight_smile:

Last night I fabricated the implement mount and took it for a spin. Next up is to finish the Reach/Antenna pod design and get it printed. It will slide into the open top of the steel tube with only the ground plate/dome exposed. It will be a quick release unit that can easily be transported in a small pelican case along with the base unit. Power will come from the vehicle with a uninterrupted battery backup. Still undecided if the final implementation will hardwire or wireless transmit the solution output back to the cab. Will test both.

Ultimately this project will allow realtime tracking of the blade position relative to target grades, actively control the blade for fine grading and also provide a simple path following autopilot for the vehicle. It all works as separate pieces so far in my tests and its finally time to put it all together as a cohesive system on the machine!!!


This is seriously cool! Canโ€™t wait to see it in action :slight_smile:

@Eric This would be great on construction equipment too! If youโ€™re planning to sell these, please let me know! Right now the only options are VERY expensive solutions from Trimble, Topcon, etc.