Precise trail mapping

Let’s say I wanted to implement precise trail mapping using a solution based on the REACH RTK KIT.

What would be a good tutorial to get me started?

My current knowledge is minimal. I basically understand 1 station has to be fixed and probably in the center of the area, while the other station can be mobile and move along the trail.
That’s pretty much the extent my knowledge.

Any link to relevant tutorials would be appreciated.

Start with the DOCS here in . Well organized and oriented to Reach. From there I would look at Manual_X.X.X.pdf in RTKLIB GitHub.

Use the SEARCH button Q in Reach Community Forum to get a wealth of theory and practical experiences.

Trail characteristics will determine precision. Flat grasslands -good. Narrow canyons - not so good. RTKPLOT can provide estimated accuracy in Kinetic mode.

FORUM participants are usually quite helpful in answering specific questions.

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