PPS output on the Reach


I’m looking for a way to get PPS output from the reach. Is there a way to send it on one of the output pins?

Thank you in advance for helping.

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Hi Victor,

At the moment we do not support PPS out.

Do you know if there is any plans to support it in the future?

Hardware support is there, so it is a matter of priority for devs. There is plenty on their plate right now :slight_smile:

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What about the time mark pin from the uBlox? Doesn’t that give the option of getting a 1PPS out. From what I gather from the documentation (https://www2.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/u-bloxM8_ReceiverDescriptionProtocolSpec_(UBX-13003221)_Public.pdf, pp 172/282), it should be a matter of sending the CFG-TP5 message while initializing the device.

Can you maybe provide som information on how the reach configures the uBlox, so - if your developers don’t have time - the community might do it themselves?

Those are different pins, timepulse and timemark. Timepulse is routed to Edison GPIO128, you can setup an interrupt that will move one of GPIOs on the DF13 headers accordingly.

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What do you mean by this?

It means you can write program to read Edison’s GPIO128 state and mirror it on one of the pins in the DF13 connector.

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Did the devs have time to implement the PPS output to edison GPIO128?

What about PPS pulse now?
Is there any solution, or need to write program, as you wrote?



I am very interested in having PPS pulse output too, any idea when this will make it to the top of the priority list of things this team will do?


Unfortunately, can’t say we will have time to do this in the foreseeable future. I can offer some guidance,if you decide to do this yourself, though.

So, would it be possible to integrate a PPS pulse by ourselve? How would this be achieved? Should we modify and recompile the firmware? I need PPS pulse in order to feed the RTK position to a Lidar system.


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Reach comes with all you need for development. Compiler, debugger, build tools.

If PPS was easily available we could use them chip in our GPR systems. We develop and sell GPRs (ground penetrating radars).

I’m trying to get PPS events but there is no interrupts at GPIO128 pin. At the same time I see interrupts at GPIO13 with 1000ms interval. Maybe GPIO13 is routed to uBlox timepulse?

I’m sorry, my fault. GPIO128 MRAA number is 13, so these interrupts are pps.

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There certainly is some confusion due to different GPIO numbering systems. Good luck.