PPK with only 1 RS2+

I was wondering If its possible to work in PPK mode with only 1 RS2+ and how can I do it … I cant find response

Single point or a survey session? You can do logging and maybe download the Rinex from a CORS. TXDOT posts their hourly logs so maybe someone where you are does as well.

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Hi jgarcia, it is possible depending on where you live and if you are within range of a CORS type system so you can download the Base logs from the CORS system for use in Emlid Studio.
I assume most likely you would be doing a kinematic type survey and not a 4hr Static type survey. If you are doing a kinematic type, you would want to follow the Emlid advice here:

How to log data for Stop & Go with ReachView 3

and then process the files using this information from Emlid here:

Substitute the CORS files as your Base and use your RS2+ files as your Rover.
Again, this is assuming that you have access to CORS type solution or a private provider solution .
Hope that helps


First thanks a lot to both of you. I live in south spain and we have the RINEX files from IGN and RAP. My purpose its for kinetic surving of a big measurement (50 ha). If I’ve understand what you’ve write, YES its possible. I will try your indications. Its my first time with a GPS. All the time before I’ve been workin with Total Station TOPCON GTS. Now Im very happy with both. GPS its a new world for me. Thanks to Emlid too. :wink: