PPK method to set up base clarification

Under placing the base tutorial (https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/tutorials/placing-the-base/) there are 6 different methods. I would like to use the “Post-Processed Kinematic” method to get a more accurate base coordinates than average single and hoping that someone can confirm I am doing it correctly.

  1. I obtained raw on my reach “base” station for ~30minutes.

  2. Convert this raw data to RINEX. Run RTKPOST using .OBS from reach “base” as rover and using downloaded RINEX from reference station as the base. (Question)What should I select under the Positions->Base Station here? I used XYZ that I got from the header of .OBS from reference station
    there is a field called “Approx position XYZ” that gave me 3 numbers.

  3. From the resulting POS file, I picked a random point that is Q=1 and assume that is an accurate coordinate of my reach base.

  4. Now I post process for future data. For base I use reach base this time and rover I user reach rover. Under Position-> Base Station I select Lat/Lon/Height (deg/m) and put in the values I got from step 3.

Can anyone confirm that I am doing this correctly since my knowledge of RTK is very beginner. Also under Base Mode-> Base coordinate in reach app there is a place to enter base coordinate. I can ignore this since I’m doing post process?

file from reference station. I changed extension from .18o to .obs to upload.
hnlc0200.obs (2.8 MB)

Your workflow sounds right. In step 2 you can set rtkpost base position to “Rinex header”, it will automatically pick up position from the obs file.

In step 2 for better reliability you can check the position with RTKPLOT. Just plot the resulting solution to see that your particular Q1 was not an outlier.

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Sweet nibblets thanks.

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