PPK Help

Hi @pjengineering,

I checked the RINEX logs from Reach. Were you under a dense canopy? The logs show that the receiver was obstructed in all directions.

The site conditions can greatly affect the solution. I checked the approximate location of Reach. Google Maps shows some trees, but your device shouldn’t suffer this many cycle slips if the site condition is still the same as now.

I installed my larger fiberglass antenna to hopefully reduce corrupted messages

Could you send us a picture of your setup? It’s just interesting how the logs show it’s heavily obstructed.

Hi Ruth,
I couldn’t have a clearer skyview. I dont have a photo of the setup, be here is a photo of the base from the drones point of view.
The base and the rover were on top of a stockpile too.
I’ll have a little drone fly nearby in 48hours. I’ll get the logs and photos of the setup. It is very similar.

was it the base or the rover that was obstructed?

Actually, I put the rover in my truck when I drive around site, could you be sampling from when it was in the truck?

It looks like both folders were from the same receiver. I’m not sure if they are from the base or rover, though. Both files were named reach-rover_raw_20240609000604.24O. Also, both logs have almost the same number of cycle slips and the same observation time. Could you please double-check the files? Thanks!

you were right, my bad.
I’ve dropped the base in there now.

Hi @pjengineering,

Apologies for the delay!

The base logs look way better than your rover, just a few cycle slips 30 degrees below the horizon.

It’s interesting how your rover suffered from extreme cycle slips given the same environmental condition. Could it be possible that the fiberglass antenna is affecting the rover? Could you please try removing it and enabling raw data logging? Then, we’ll check the quality after.