PPK fix reluctance

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to let you know that I need a bit more time to check this. I’ll write you back here when I’ve something to share.

Hi Ed,

We’re still investigating what could be the issue here. For now, could you please specify whether you have tried connecting your Reach to this CORS using RTK mode? Were you able to obtain a Fix solution?

Hi Liudmila,

No straight forward fix. I did not, and never have, connected to this CORS in real-time. Always PPK.
I ended up getting a fix on my back up base from Auspos and using that base to correct.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your patience!

We’ve taken a closer look at the data you provided. It’s indeed bizarre that it’s not possible to establish a stable Fix solution with this data. At the moment, it can’t be clearly seen why this happens.

However, as you mentioned that you can achieve Fix with the file from another base station, it seems like the issue lies in the specifics of the base’s file you’ve collected from the NTRIP station.

That’s why I’d like to ask you the following:

  1. From the previous conversation I can see that the base’s file is originally in the compressed format *.rnx. Can you please specify what tool you used to convert it to RINEX 3.02?

  2. I can see that the base’s file was converted with RTKConv using the -TADJ=0.1 option. This option makes the time integer in the raw data log. Can you specify why you decided to do it?

Also, please share the original file from the base so that we can analyze it. It’d help us a lot if you additionally shared the file from another base station that you’ve achieved Fix with. This way, we can see the differences between the files directly.


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