PPK 100km

Please, to use it.

Can you explain to me how to reach the 100km in PPK?

Do we need an NTRIP connection or just an RS2 base and an RS2 rover?

Thank you.

You need 2 raw observations. That can be from RS2’s, from CORS station etc. It can also be an NTRIP connection, where you log the base corrections.

Regarding distance, then I would probably not go beyond 50-60 km when postprocessing, if you require centimeter accuracy.


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I absolutely agree with Christian. To work in PPK, you don’t need to keep a real-time connection between the receivers. Just record raw data logs on both base and rover and then post-process them together in Emlid Studio.

100 km is the maximum baseline for PPK with Reach RS2. But I also recommend you work with a lower baseline if possible. Positioning accuracy for Reach RS2 in PPK is:

  • 5 mm + 0.5 ppm horizontally
  • 10 mm + 1 ppm vertically

PPM shows how 1 km of baseline affects the accuracy.


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