Post Processing Trimble RTX Reach RS2

Hello everyone

Has anyone tried using the free post process trimble service?

I tried to upload the raw files in rinex 3 format from the RS2 but it doesn’t recognize them.

The page is

I see that Antennas must be on the Supported Antennas list ?!

I saw that, but I was thinking if there is a way to do it hehe.


I see two solutions:
1- either edit the Rinex file by putting a similar antenna.
2- contact Trimble support to add the RS2 antenna to the list.

@Zinou how do you go about that? Is there a software like “rinex editor” that can open and display its content like a word file or notepad file??

Hi all,

I heard some of our users successfully did that to upload the file to this service.

You can edit the file using regular text editor

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Thanks @dmitriy.ershov

Thank you

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