Post-processing Reach M2 files with OPUS

Hi @vgo195,

I did connect to my COORS with NTRIP but for some reason it does not show receiving the base satellites.

May I ask you to provide me with the Correction input tab screenshot? Please press on the arrow in the lower right corner of the window to display a list of received RTCM messages.

As far as I could tell there is no option to connect the M2 to an android hotspot if you have one phone and the same time configure M2 with reachview.

You can choose the Connect to a hidden network option in the Wi-Fi tab, enter the name and password of your network manually. Then, you can reboot Reach and enable your hotspot. Reach should connect to the hotspot after reboot.

Could you please describe you goal in more detail? Do you want to move the base and transmit corrections to the rover?

I did some test and figured how M2 and reachview works. So I resolved the problems I described except the topic 2.
I understand what you say about the hidden network but this isn’t my problem. The problem is that if I have one phone acting as hotspot and the M2 is connected to it I can’t access the M2 via reachview with the same phone. I must have another phone to connect to it.

Hi @vgo195,

Sorry, I misunderstood a bit. Could you clarify whether you see the Reach in the device list in the ReachView app?

Ok let me clarify.

  1. I have one phone acting as hotspot
  2. I turn on the M2 and it connects to that hotspot (had previously configured that).
  3. Open the Reachview app on the phone and no device is listed.
    So I can’t check what’s going on on the M2. I have to use another phone or tablet connected to the same hotspot as M2 in order to control it with Reachview.
    I hope I made myself clear now.

Today I made a test and it did work.
Sorry maybe my phone was stuck.
So the M2 is visible within reachview to the phone that works as a hotspot.
All good now!

Hi @vgo195,

Glad to hear! Please let me know if the issue will recur.

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