Post process Trimble TBC with Rinex 3.0 files

I would like to count on your help, I am trying to post the data exported by emlid reach in rinex 3.0, in the post process software of Trimble TBC.
I have not been successful, I throw error in reading the .OBS file
When you find out in Google that it is a compressed rinex file HATANAKA
I have tried other post-process software without results, such as TERSUS
Could someone please guide me
Thank you and sorry for my English as a Google translator

Similar ?

Thanks for your prompt response
I read the entry you indicated and probe without result.
My problem is that I get a rinex 3.0 file from emlid with OBS extension. I do not find how to use this rinex file in Trimble Post Process Software.
The trimble software does not read emlid OBS rinex file, you have some way to transform OBS to 18g, 18n, 18o extension (rinex files that Trimble reads)
Mobiles files emlid I want to join them with trimble mobiles and post fast static processes
Thank you

Rinex is Receiver Independent Exchange Format, so Trimble should read it.
How does you file look like? Did you export/convert it to propper format? Could you post it here or screenshot of file?
What kind of error do you get?
Is it possible to post process in RTKlib?

Thank you
When importing to Trimble it does not throw me an error it just says that there is an error and it can not matter.
In Tersus I get to show me the error and it says that it is the header of the OLS file of Emlid Rinex 3.0

My apologies
I was missing in RTKLive processed without problem the Rinex OBS 3.0 of EMLid
Thank you

Ok cool.
If you wanna give it a go with Trimble, might try a different rinex version or different RTKconv version. Could be a bug in current used RTKlib.

Thank you
I already tested all the rinex versions that EMLID delivers directly. And there is no solution, the idea is to be able to deliver the direct file of the EMLID receiver.
Since the postprocessing software is more robust than RTKLIB in processing reports and network settings.
Thanks for your interest
I’ll keep trying, to get a result

Just one more question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What Reachview version do you use?

RechView version v2.11.0 stable
Thank you

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Last two months, I was also trying to process the Emlid data in TBC and TTC software but no luck.
I think there is some incompatibility of the rinex 3.0 generated by RTKLib Conversion compared other rinex. We used TBC or TTC for Geodetic Adjustment.

Hello, is this already resolved? I’m having trouble as well processing EMLID dara in TBC , I am hoping to find solution here. Thanks!

You might want to check this thread:

Oh’ Thanks! @dmitriy.ershov

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