Position Output problem in Reach M2

1- No position is out in serial port what is default baud rate.
2- I am connecting with TCP/IP mode for position output but no output.
3- I have enable all format like ERB,NMEA,XYZ,LLH but no position out

Hi @Chandrahas,

Could you share the photos of your hardware setup?
Also, would it be possible to describe your step-by-step actions? The screenshots will be of great help here as well.

@tatiana.andreeva I made this setting but no output from serial port in Reach M2
now it is not receiving any signal in open sky no satellite data
I have two module one is working fine and receiving data second one has problem in open sky
can you share previous version before 2.22 version so that I could check it because this problem arises after update , is this a device problem or some thing else
please share previous version of Reach M2 firmware


May I ask you to continue troubleshooting this issue in the following community thread with me? It’d help us keep all of the information together and avoid doubling threads.

Just let me add that the issues with the position output is triggered by the fact that the receiver is unable to calculate its solution status. That’s why currently it’s not possible to output the position from Reach M2.

how I can know that triggered position in my file
can you highlight those lines
solution_202007130646_LLH.zip (27.3 KB) raw_202007130646_UBX.zip (1.1 MB)


If receiver can’t calculate its position, as it’s indicated in your photos above, it won’t be able to output the position either.

However, according to the files you sent, the receiver is capable of calculating the position so it means that the solution status is not empty.

Even though the data quality is rather low, I believe it should be possible to output the position in Single solution.

Could you please elaborate what device you use to read the position from Reach receiver?

@tatiana.andreeva I am using my mobile device to interact with Reach M2

The discussion is continued here: Reach M2 status screen is blank for long time in open sky