Position moved after obtaining fix after being in float mode

Wasn’t quite sure weather to put this in the hardware or software category, but here goes.


  • RS2 as Base station
  • RS+ as Rover
  • LoRa connection for corrections
  • SurvPC and Reachview 3

So a number of times now on seperate jobs, I have experienced a problem where (seemingly) after going into float mode for a while after going near some trees for example, when the rover gets a fix again, the position is out approx 100-300mm in horizontal and vertical. If I shut all the equipment down (receivers and software), restart everything and check some points, all is good again.

I mainly use SurvPC and was beginning to think there was a problem in there, however it did the exact same thing to me today using Reachview 3. Float mode, back to fix, position out, shut everything down, restart, check points and all good again.

Obviously I have checked my base location coordinates and antenna heights etc are all good.

Anyone got any thoughts or experienced the same?

Hi Brenton,

Reach RS+ should provide accurate coordinates even if the Fix solution was lost and recalculated. To investigate this issue, we’ll need to look into logs and a Full System report from your receiver. The report contains sensitive data, so it’s better to share it privately. I’ve just answered your email – you can share the data there.

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Ok will do. Thankyou

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